Recommendation for the Photographing of Bannerstones

dr. anna blume

by Dr. Anna Blume Professor of the History of Art Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York November 2019. Photographing bannerstones can reveal their shapes, surfaces, and conditions and can also engage both photographer and viewer in a meaningful relationship to these complex carved stones. In the fall of 2016 and spring of […]

Bannerstone Typology

Dr. Anna Blume

What is Bannerstone Typology? Article and photos provided by Dr. Anna Blume, The Archaic Bannerstone Project (ABP) distinguishes 24 bannerstone types based on terms established by Byron Knoblock in his 1939 text Banner-stones of the North American Indian. Below, bannerstones can be browsed by these types and sub-types. As more collections are photographed and added […]