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Informational Articles About Bannerstones, Gorgets, and More

Unique Bannerstone Finds

by V Gary Henry, Asheville, North Carolina Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological Journal, Vol.56, No.4, pg.200 Originally Published in the Central States Archaeological

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A Salute To David L. Lutz

by Richard Michael Gramly, PhD THE ARCHAIC BANNERSTONE: ITS CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY AND PURPOSE FROM 6000 B.C. TO 1000 B.C.  by DAVID L. LUTZ Bannerstones exist both in

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Dr. Anna Blume

Bannerstone Typology

What is Bannerstone Typology? Article and photos provided by Dr. Anna Blume, https://bannerstone.fitnyc.edu/typology The Archaic Bannerstone Project (ABP) distinguishes 24 bannerstone types based on terms

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dr.anna blume

Bannerstone Metrics

These metrics were established to further standardize the quantitative information we can gather regarding bannerstones (established by A. Blume, 2017).

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Pendants and Gorgets

By Bill Koup, Albuquerque, New Mexico Personal adornment has always been an important pursuit of mankind. The wearing of specialized adornments for the purpose of

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