The Atlatl: A Forgotten Weapon of the Past, Rediscovered

The atlatl is an ancient weapon that dates back thousands of years. Used by early humans for hunting and warfare, this tool played a significant role in human history. Today, the atlatl is experiencing a resurgence as people rediscover its effectiveness and unique appeal. In this guide, we will explore the history of the atlatl, […]

What is a Bannerstone?

What is a bannerstone? A bannerstone is a small stone artifact that has been found at archaeological sites around the world. These artifacts are typically made of stone, such as flint or slate, and are often intricately carved or shaped. The exact purpose of bannerstones is still a subject of debate among archaeologists, as there […]

The Best Kept Secrets of Selling Native American Artifacts: Expert Insights and AdviceSave

For centuries, Native American artifacts have been treasured for their beauty, cultural significance, and historical value. From intricately woven baskets to intricately carved totem poles, these artifacts are a testament to the rich history and traditions of the indigenous peoples of America. However, if you are a collector or dealer of Native American artifacts, you […]

Bannerstone Collections

All information is used with permission from Dr. Anna Blume. American Museum of Natural History In the collection are 61 bannerstones selected from the 462 stones in the American Museum of Natural History. These 61 bannerstones represent the range of types, materials, and conditions of the stones. There are 580 photographs taken at various angles, […]

Bannerstones of the North American Indian

Used with permission from Dr. Anna Blume Attached below is a downloadable PDF of the entire text of Byron Knoblock’s 1939 Banner-stones of the North American Indian. This 595-page tome, now out of print and difficult to find, was the first rigorous, comprehensive study of bannerstones. In it, Knoblock includes hundreds of images of bannerstones in […]

Bannerstone Metrics

dr.anna blume

These metrics were established to further standardize the quantitative information we can gather regarding bannerstones (established by A. Blume, 2017).

Recommendation for the Photographing of Bannerstones

dr. anna blume

by Dr. Anna Blume Professor of the History of Art Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York November 2019. Photographing bannerstones can reveal their shapes, surfaces, and conditions and can also engage both photographer and viewer in a meaningful relationship to these complex carved stones. In the fall of 2016 and spring of […]

Bannerstone Typology

Dr. Anna Blume

What is Bannerstone Typology? Article and photos provided by Dr. Anna Blume, The Archaic Bannerstone Project (ABP) distinguishes 24 bannerstone types based on terms established by Byron Knoblock in his 1939 text Banner-stones of the North American Indian. Below, bannerstones can be browsed by these types and sub-types. As more collections are photographed and added […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bannerstones and Their History

What are bannerstones? Bannerstones are small, usually flat, stone artifacts that were created by ancient cultures. They are typically carved into unique shapes and often feature intricate designs. The exact purpose of bannerstones is still debated among archaeologists, but they are believed to have had ceremonial or symbolic significance. They were often attached to spears […]

A Salute To David L. Lutz

by Richard Michael Gramly, PhD THE ARCHAIC BANNERSTONE: ITS CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY AND PURPOSE FROM 6000 B.C. TO 1000 B.C.  by DAVID L. LUTZ Bannerstones exist both in art and anthropology. David L. Lutz, who has both a collector’s sensitivity and for­mal training in anthropology, knows this fact. Other long­time students of the subject also appreci­ate the fact […]