What is a Bannerstone?

What is a bannerstone? A bannerstone is a small stone artifact that has been found at archaeological sites around the world. These artifacts are typically made of stone, such as flint or slate, and are often intricately carved or shaped. The exact purpose of bannerstones is still a subject of debate among archaeologists, as there […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Bannerstones and Their History

What are bannerstones? Bannerstones are small, usually flat, stone artifacts that were created by ancient cultures. They are typically carved into unique shapes and often feature intricate designs. The exact purpose of bannerstones is still debated among archaeologists, but they are believed to have had ceremonial or symbolic significance. They were often attached to spears […]

Introduction to Bannerstones

by: Charlie Wagers, Fairfield, Ohio This issue of Prehistoric American is dedicated to the bannerstone, a prehistoric artform which captures the imagination and love of most all artifact collectors.  The bannerstone probably comes in a wider variety of forms and materials than any other prehistoric artifact type.  They are found made from the most beautiful quartz to […]