Terry McGuire And Ed Harvey Bannerstone Collections


(Terry McGuire photo)

Hardstone banners from upper left: horned with shaft flute, 2.8″, Illinois. green quartz horned 2.75″ Southern Illinois. granite horned 3.25″, Mercer Co., OH. Wisconsin winged 4″, St. Clair Co., IL. ferruginous quartz hourglass 2.4″, Holmes Co., OH. conglomerate granite shuttle 3.5″


Slate banners from the upper left: black glacial slate double-notched butterfly 7″, Michigan. Red claystone double-edged 4.2″, Madison Co. TN. reel 4.75″, Greene Co. IN; double-notched slate butterfly 5.5″, Dubois Co. IN. knobbed crescent 7.75″, Preble Co. OH; clipped wing 3.2″ Ohio, one of 4 known to exist.


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Bannerstone Collections

All information is used with permission from Dr. Anna Blume. American Museum of Natural History In the collection are 61 bannerstones selected from the 462

dr.anna blume

Bannerstone Metrics

These metrics were established to further standardize the quantitative information we can gather regarding bannerstones (established by A. Blume, 2017).